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Dr Deepankar is a specialist in Ergonomics with over 10-year experience helping clients Pan India. He has helped more than 150 organizations & thousands of their employees to lead a pain-free life.

He is the author of “Ergonomics for Corporates” book. He is the first Indian who has written on this topic & is the only Workplace Wellness Coach in India who helps industries and corporates improve productivity and Efficiency. 

In his 10+ years as an Ergonomics coach Dr. Deepankar has helped global companies like CANON, Maruti Suzuki, Daikin, Make My Trip, Flour& Daniel to name a few.

Running a campaign – Work Healthy, Live Healthy, Dr Deepankar helps improve workplace health be it blue-collar workers or white-collar workers labor in Industries, factories,MNCs, students and teachers in schools or executives in corporates. Everyone needs ergonomics for improved posture and a healthier lifestyle.

With his efficient approach & practical solutions to real Occupational Health and Safety challenges, He has effectively improved the efficiency of the employees along with reducing workplace injuries and their associated costs.

Dr Deepankar

About Dr. Deepankar

Workplace Wellness Coach | Author | Entrepreneur

Dr Deepankar is a specialist in Ergonomics with over 10-year experience helping clients Pan India. He has helped more than 150 organizations & thousands of their employees to lead a pain-free life. 

Wellness Coach 

Dr Deepankar helps people live a pain free life by providing companies with efficient approach & practical solutions to real Occupational Ergonomic, Health, and Safety challenge which has proven effective in reducing workplace injuries and their associated costs.

Physical Therapist

Having completed a Master of Physiotherapy in Cardio-Pulmonary Science, Dr Deepankar treats patients affected by injury through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. He also guides patients towards preventive healthcare.

Author of “Ergonomics for Corporates"

The book is about the benefits and myths of Ergonomics and how each one of us can adapt and live an ergonomic lifestyle. It further talks about the many benefits of ergonomics in a corporate culture.

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Why top companies choose us?

Leading companies are integrating ergonomics deeply into all of their operations. And it’s no wonder when you take a look at the benefits of an effective ergonomic process which are:

Benefits for Organisations

  • Ergonomics helps in improving Higher employee morale
  • Ergonomics bring goodwill among employees
  • Ergonomics enhances worker productivity
  • Ergonomics helps in Reducing errors and accidents
  • Ergonomics helps in Reducing costs relating to workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits
  • Ergonomics helps in Reducing sick leave and absenteeism
  • Ergonomics promotes Higher employee retention

Benefits for Employees

  • Ergonomics enhances Higher energy levels
  • Good Ergonomics helps in Increased focus and productivity
  • Better control of one’s health at work
  • Reduced work absences
  • Reduced medical costs
  • Reduced pain and suffering
  • Higher work-life balance

We partner with you to achieve your goals. Whether you need a single Ergonomic Assessment or a global Ergonomics Program, we can assist. 

No project is too small or large !


We have conducted workshops in various Schools, Colleges, Government Offices, Laboratories, Private Institutions, BPO’s, Factories and Corporates.

About the book

When health and evolution go hand in hand, sky is the limit. “Ergonomics for Corporates” is a small contribution to the health of Millennials. The generation that is now working in corporates are the heroes behind all the progress we enjoy. This development, however, is coming at a heavy price. People are sitting in offices for over 18 hours to redefine what’s possible. While their minds are expanding at exponential rates, their bodies go through pain and discomfort. Knowledge alone can resolve this situation. This book is my attempt to bring about a big difference in the lives of people working in corporates through small changes. In my opinion, this book needs to not only be read but applied in life to be able to celebrate your achievements in the best of health.

What Ergonomics Is

An insight about what Ergonomics really is

Sitting Arrangement

How to customize your work sitting arrangement to best suit your health.

Painless Work Life

Affordable ways to achieve a painless work life.

Stretches To Prevent

Easy and time-efficient stretches to prevent and/or relieve any work injuries.

what people say about us

The search for a solution to my postoperative knee surgery pain did not go in vain. I met Dr.Deepankar after almost trying various methods to reduce the post operative pain from exercise to ultrasound and infrared treatment which lasted for 3 weeks. Dr.Deepankar listened to my story with utmost patience and prescribed certain exercises. By following them I could see the pain subsiding in a week’s time and I am back to my normal active routine.

I recommend Dr.Deepankar as he not only understands your situation quickly but accurately as well. He then proceeds to give his expert advice in a very unassuming and confident way and it works very beautifully.

-Mr.Praneet Mehrish | Founder- Org, Gurgaon

A Human Resource Advisory and Consultancy Firm.

My friend Vikas was struggling with stiff body and irritating pains from 2 years due to continuous driving for Client Meetings mostly out of city. I asked him to meet Dr.Deepankar.

Dr.Deepankar’s diagnosis of the problem  and the exact treatment procedure helped my friend a lot. He also suggested some driving postures & changes in the daily routine through which his stiffness reduced.

-Mr.Atul Yadav

Bench Mark Lifestyle Services.

Dr Deepankar sorted out a very painful back for my husband by a combination of manipulation, exercises and advice on posture.

The pain hasn’t returned till now, so the effectiveness of the treatment is sustainable.

I would urge anyone with joint pain or injury to book a session with Dr Deepankar. This is the best thing I have done for my husband and my son.

– Shwetambra Sharma,

Principal Architech– Shashvat Design

I developed a strong pain in my upper back when I was in a meeting. I consulted Dr.Deepankar and he suggested me to visit his clinic. After his multimodal treatment, I got immediate relief from pain. His ergonomic approach is very simple and in relation to the postural mistakes we usually do.

I appreciate his strong follow up, he keeps reminding about correct postures. I have referred him to many of my clients and I have no hesitation is sharing that Dr.Deepankar is a true pain reliever and an expert in his domain.

– Mr.Arun K Haldwani

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